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Jan 26th is Australia Day and although it’s still the 25th here, it’s already tomorrow over there. Confused?

Yesterday I hosted a big Australia Day party. Today I’m exhausted and I’m so glad it’s over for another year. I can’t believe how quickly a day can go. I had a great time though. As an ex-pat living in a new country it’s really nice to a have a taste of home, even for just one day.

Here are a few posts I really enjoyed this week:

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It’s inauguration weekend. As an Australian living in the USA, I have to say I am so happy to be living here and having the opportunity to experience this historic event. Truly I (and much of the world) have such high hopes for the next four years of Obama’s Presidency. I truly hope he can heal the deep divides that exist both in the USA and between the USA and the rest of the world. I also have hope that he can be the leader that the USA needs to drag the country out of the current financial mess. Lastly I truly hope that he can bring a change to the culture of the USA…a change to a more sustainable country who cares about the environment and the effects that American consumerism has on many of the less prosperous countries around the world.

So, onto some links that I found interesting this week: 

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    Blogroll Update


    I have finally got around to updating my blogroll. A big thanks for all the support over the last month or so. I’m excited to get back into blogging this year and to building stronger relationships in the blogging community.

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I’m about to go out with Hubby and the dog for a nice walk to the beach and perhaps some coffee. Doesn’t get much better.

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    One Month down


    Living My Rich Life has now been live for one whole month. A few months back I had started seeking out personal finance blogs to feel some connectivity with other people who might be suffering pain in the current economic turmoil. Misery loves company after all. In the process, I found some wonderful blogs on frugality, simple living and going green. Early one morning I sat bolt upright in bed with the idea of starting my own blog. I had too many things running through my head and no-one to share them with. Within a few hours I had set up this blog and had about five posts drafted. 

    The thing I most wanted to get out of this blog is a sense of community with like minded people. In that aspect, this blog is already a success. I’d really like to thank those who have stumbled across this blog and cared enough to leave a comment. Thankyou. You make my day. 

    This month I’ve also participated in a few carnivals.

    A big thanks also to those who added me to their blogroll. I’ve really enjoyed this first month of blogging and can’t wait to share opinions with more like minded people in the future.

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    I live in California, but last week I was in Arizona and we got caught in snow. Of course I had to play in it and make a snowman. Then I got a super flu. Was it worth it, just to play in snow? I thinkso. While I’ve been homebound, I’ve spent plenty of time resting and blog surfing. Here are some of my favourite posts from this week:

    FruGal shared her thoughts on blogging with her series on Not-So-Personal Finances. This series really resonated with me. I’ve only recently started blogging about personal finance, and I’ve done so for many of the reasons FruGal outlines in her series.

    Notes from the Frugal Trenches posted a series on simple living and reducing stress. This is what I’m all about at the moment, so I read her series with relish.

    No Impact Man wrote about living the green life out loud. It inspires me to see the steps that some people take to make a point. I’m only just starting seriously upon my green journey, but I’m keen to make more changes which are visible and which will make people think.

    One Green Generation let us know that we don’t have to do everything. Often it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of things we should be doing to improve our lives. I’m constantly challenged to try to live more simply while implementing my life changes. It doesn’t come naturally, but I guess that’s why I’m on this journey.

    Jeff Rose wrote a guest post at Moolanomy on the five things you don’t want to hear from your financial planner. Having been on the phone regularly to my financial planner in the last few months, I knew exactly where he was coming from. Even though I’m only 31 I had envisaged semi-retirement in the not too distant future. My losses in the stock market have made me reassess my need to work in my current job for longer and live on less.

    Frugal Zeitgeist wrote about conspicuous consumption no longer being cool. I’ve always been reasonably frugal with my money, but in recent years I was finding it easy to get caught up in outwards displays of wealth. Thankfully I’ve caught myself, and am moving back to my frugal ways.

    I also came across this interesting bit of information recently. Last week, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an executive order, ordering preparations to cope with rising sea levels due to global warming. In San Francisco, sea levels apparently rose seven inches during the 20th century. Scary stuff huh? Imagine what’s going to happen to other low lying areas, particularly some of the beautiful islands dotted across the Pacific Ocean. I’m glad I don’t own waterfront property.

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